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Privacy Policy

We strive to ensure that shopping at Longevies online store is as convenient as possible, and your orders are delivered smoothly and on time. This requires accurate personal information, which we collect and handle with special care.

When is personal information collected?

Your personal information is collected when you order goods from the Longevies online store and when you submit inquiries about additional information regarding products, orders, processing, etc. It is also collected when subscribing to our newsletters.

For what purposes is personal information collected?

All the personal information you provide is used for the following purposes:

a) To provide order information (notify you when, where, and how your order will be delivered);
b) To send messages necessary for the provision of our services and to ensure delivery;
c) To respond to inquiries about products or other matters;
d) To send news related to trademarks controlled by MB "Longevies";
e) For the administration of promotions and contests, identification of winners, and communication with them.

What personal information is collected?

The collected information necessary for order fulfillment and direct marketing activities includes:

a) Buyer's data (name, surname, company name, etc.);
b) Delivery information;
c) Contact information (email, phone number).

How is personal information managed?

All personal and payment-related information is collected and processed securely (ensured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate), following applicable laws, and is confidential. We commit not to disclose your (and other clients') personal information to third parties (this commitment does not apply in cases specified by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania). You can always inquire about and correct or delete your personal information.

How long is the data stored?

Unless stated otherwise, we will keep your data:

- In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, data related to orders and invoices are kept for 10 years from the order date;
- Login session information is kept for 30 days from its recording;
- Data of promotion and contest participants are kept for 3 months after the end of the contest.

All other personal data specified in this privacy policy will be retained until your account is deleted or until you refuse to provide us with this data.

When and what marketing emails will be sent?

We process your personal data to send you direct marketing information, e.g., to send personal and important information and offers in your chosen way of communication: by email or SMS. You will receive this information only if you have given permission for it. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters or SMS messages at any time. You can do this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletters or SMS messages we send.

Will data be transferred to third parties?

MB "Longevies" is obliged by law to provide data to state or supervisory authorities when necessary to avoid risks to the public and to carry out prosecution for crimes.

Your data may be transferred to third parties when necessary to ensure our services or functions (e.g., your address is transferred to a courier for product delivery). We ensure that these parties undertake to handle this data responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws.

In all other cases, your data will be transferred to third parties only if you have given permission or granted them access.

What cookies will be/are used?

Cookies used on our website are necessary for the functionality and operation of our website. These cookies allow you to successfully purchase a product or use the electronic payment system. Most of these cookies are deleted from your device at the end of your browser session. We use the information stored in necessary cookies only to provide the requested services and functions.

The first time you visit our website, we ask for your consent to send additional cookies to your device. These cookies can be declined, but they help us:

- Identify how many visitors are on our website, their behavior, and which pages of the website are visited. This helps us improve the performance of our website and better tailor it to user needs.
- Identify when you repeatedly visit our website.